A Day in My New Life

A lot has happened since my last blog post, most of it good but not all. I’ve taken many more images, moved 1,000 miles from California to New Mexico, and begun the personal retooling process I should have begun years ago. That process begins with finding a full time job, but it won’t end there.

I’ll return to school and finish the degree I began in the 1980’s. It won’t be an easy process but it’ll be an interesting and invigorating one. I’ll major in photography and minor in accounting, the first degree to satisfy myself and the second to please my mother.

Of all the things I’ve learned, the most important is that life is a balancing act. I must be willing to satisfy God’s expectations first, then mine, then those of the other people in my life. Some of you will say I’m being selfish to put my needs second to God’s, but it’s the only way to be that ensures I live the fulfilled life God meant me to live.

My first learning curve is how to promote my art without selling out to the big conglomerates. It’ll be a very interesting balancing act, since they seem to have taken over the world while I wasn’t looking. It’s become more difficult to be a true freelancer in any field, but I’ll persist because I’m made that way.

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The Ins and Outs of Using Word Press’s Blog

I’m new here and still learning the ropes, so to speak.  My most irksome issue is uploading images because if I try to do more than one, I lose the last of them somewhere.  I’ll persevere because it’s my way but an easier upload process would make things much nicer.

All in all, blogging is a most intriguing way of expressing myself.  It’s just personal enough that I feel connected to my audience, but arm’s length enough to allow me the space I need to preserve at least a modicum of my privacy.  Now it’s time to log out and edit the images I wish to use for greeting cards and other stuff.

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All things change.  This is the one reliable constant we have in this life.  It is also one of the scariest, for it urges us to prepare to change and brace for change simultaneously.

I have experienced several changes in my life stream lately, not all of them good.  I think turning Golden (50) was superb, as I’m still here.  Losing a treasured furry son was not so fun, but survivable because I’ve six other cats and a young dog to ease my pain.

Said pooch, Carmelita by name, made three trips to the vet thus far this year while mama made four in all.  Her first was for her annual exam, a toenail clipping, and her shots.  The second wisit was to give her littermate Happy Cat his checkup.

This was not a fun occasion as I learned he had hyperthyroidism. The vet assured me that it was not unusual for felines to become hyper thyroid-wise as they aged. It was not reassuring because that meant I must keep a close watch on him. Sadly, he passed away a few weeks later, likely thanks to his metabolism.

My third visit was to take Carmelita in for foxtail removal (nasty things those) from her ear. I brough in her Cousin Sneeze Louise because she is Happy’s last surviving kitten and nearly the same age he was. I wanted to be sure that her thyroid was okay, which it is.

My fourth trip in was for the vet to remove two foxtails from Carm’s nose and another from her ear. I wish a plague on all foxtails and their immediate removal from the environment, so we do not go through this again. Though if recent signs are correct, it is already far too late and Carm will again be visiting the vet for foxtail removal.

Now, for this new phase I mentioned. I am the proud proprietor of a greeting card store. It resides at Greeting Card Universe (http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/katiesclevercardstore).  I have a boon companion and best friend Sunny who also has a store there.  Her link is http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/sunshinescreativeexplorations.  Please drop in for a visit if you’re in need of unique cards to commemorate your special occasions.

That’s it for this blog! Live long and prosper!


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My First Post Here…

I am at a loss…words stick in my brain; I stumble blindly on…nothing known retained.

Thank you for your welcome…I will remember it today; while tomorrow’s words…run willy nilly on their way.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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